An Unfamiliar Situation

I'm actually up at the first break - T3675 (2500 to start), 50-100 blinds when we come back. Flopped a set of jacks on a beautiful J53 board after calling the SB's raise. Probably I should have raised the pot on the flop instead of smooth-calling - if he has an overpair I can break him there. But smooth-call he did. Turn was a ten and put two spades out there and I was done slowplaying. He checked, I bet 1000, he folded. Probably AK or AQ and I didn't want to give him gutshot odds.

Got caught bluffing once, didn't get caught bluffing another time. Queen high bet took down a small pot when a river ace fell. Late in the first level I tested my image by making an EP raise with KJo. Image goot, no callers. So I showed the bluff I was caught on (22, K96 rainbow board); the checkraiser kindly showed me the two pair he'd flopped with suited king-rag.

Good table and I think I brought my A game. We'll see how well it holds up.


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