I drew two medium stacks to my left; both of them have me covered but only by a little. I'll probably be a little more selective for the first couple of orbits unless I see a good chance to resteal (or pick up a legitimate hand), then try to use my table image for evil. Give 'em some time to forget my maniac moments at close of business yesterday.

The good/bad news is that I have a supershort stack to my right with an M of only 2, so I may be forced to play some marginal hands against him if he's as aggressive as he should be, as he has little chance of folding into a money jump. But he only has a little more than 8K so I can afford to call him with any reasonable hand.

There are only two stacks shorter than mine at the table even though I'm at par. But only one stack is big enough to call me with impunity (he has about 70K and thus wouldn't be crippled if he lost to me). The other stacks range from 57K to 40K, and with the blinds at 800/1600/200 I wouldn't exactly call them big. If a lot of people go out fast there might be room for postflop play but this seems like a tough, aggressive field so I'm not counting on it. Decisions are thus going to be tough, consequential and probably final. Here's hoping final comes later than sooner.


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Bring it home!

2/03/2006 07:06:00 PM  

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