Rounders And Roundabouts

While on my way to the library this morning I took a different path, one that doesn't require a near-suicidal left turn from Sunset. I wasn't paying enough attention and ended up on Santa Monica, so I drove past La Brea and headed up Formosa on my way to the Durant branch. I found an actual roundabout just north of Santa Monica, the only one I've seen in LA, possibly the only one I've seen in the States. I was immediately transported back to Ireland, where on a trip around the country I navigated dozens of the little buggers, each one requiring some intense mental calculus as to which way traffic was flowing and what side of the road I needed to be on when I exited. Since I did most of the driving on that trip a lot of the country is an impressionistic green blur in my memory, split-second panoramic glances taken between moments of absolute terror of the car behind me and hypothetical terror of the inevitable sheep herd around the bend. Still, easily the most beautiful place I've seen. With the switch to the Euro and the dollar in the crapper it's not quite the value it used to be, but I highly recommend it.

After I busted out of event #12 the other night I played a couple of satellites. One I got all my money in as a favorite (though technically behind - AsKs vs. Q7o, QsTsx flop), the other I made a critical mistake in the early going when I let a limp-reraiser push me off a hand. I misjudged the size of the pot, which I wouldn't have done had I just asked the dealer to pull the bets in. I'd raised substantially with several limpers behind, gotten one cold-caller, then UTG reraised. He had a big stack already and his reraise didn't even commit him. If I'd looked at the pot and thought a bit more I'd have realized that even at 4.5-to-1 my hand was going to be worth playing.

I folded JJ. Cold-caller moved in for a few more chips and showed AKo. Limp-reraiser had TT. Ouch. J-high flop. Double ouch. Bad mistake on my part; the structures in the satellites are fast enough that you're probably correct to risk all your chips with any pocket pair TT or better once you've committed 25% or more of your stack to a pot. I went out a while later when I raised from the CO with KTs, the button put me all-in, I did the math and realized I had to call even with a dominated hand. He had ATs.

During the first satellite I was playing with a number of people I recognized, which isn't the best sign. One is a regular here and we've often been close together in the standings, which isn't surprising since we have very similar styles - cautious in the early going, willing to gamble when short, willing to make a big laydown when we're not desperate. He asked me if I had my seat for the main event here yet. I said no and that I wasn't sure I was going to play it. "You should play, you good player," he said.

I'm still not sure about that, and 10K is an awfully big buy-in to risk on a question mark. If I make one more decent cash in the remaining events I'll probably commit to buying in; if not I may take a shot at up to three 1K satellites, since even a two-way chop in one of them would get me a discount on the entry fee.

I know I've had a good run here, but the 10K will bring out the real pros, the ones who don't sweat the buyin. I could easily end up sandwiched between John Juanda and Erik Seidel, and while that would probably be a damn fine lesson it would also be a very fast way to lose ten grand. I may not be completely dead money in the main event - anyone can get lucky - but I think I'm zombie money at best.


Blogger Chad said...

I miss roundabouts.

Stupid stop signs and semaphores.

2/02/2006 03:09:00 PM  
Blogger anthroth said...

Ryan--you can beat all those guys....PStars is having a 150 double shootout all weekend to win a seat to the 10k event, try that! I am!

2/02/2006 04:26:00 PM  

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