Yes, the posts are coming in in an order that doesn't remotely resemble the order in which they were written. Email hiccups or something.

Here's a few lousy hands:

50-100, I button-raise to T300, Can Kim Hua pops it for T1200 more. It looks like a resteal to me but I have KTo.

75-150, UTG makes it 450, I call, player to my left calls. I have 99. Flop is AQJ two spades, about the ugliest possible flop for 99, which is what I have. Check, check, player to my left goes all-in. Fold, fold. I show the all-in player my hand as I fold. He says he had JJ.

75-150, I limp with 44 hoping to start a party, it folds around to SB who pops it 400 more. He's deep enough for me to get paid if I flop a set in position so I call. Flop comes ATT. My cards are in the muck a few microseconds after his chips touch the felt.

One ok hand:

100-200, CO raises to 600, button calls, I jam from the SB with ATo, everyone folds. I may have already mentioned this one. Button (who may be the guy mentioned below) says he folded a pair. Fold equity: it's not just for dinner anymore.

I think Dustin Woolf is to my right. Unless there are two neverwins running around out there. He likes to steal blinds.

Anyway. Back to action. I need some chips; send good vibes. If I had any to spare I'd send 'em right back.


Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

Good luck!

2/06/2006 08:55:00 PM  

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