One Thing I Forgot To Mention

Dustin 'Neverwin' Woolf was on my right for a fair length of time Monday night. But not as much time as he could have been, as he kept getting up from the table and running downstairs to play a few hands at an incredible NL game.

For a while he was actively trying to bust out, raising a lot of hands, calling with very marginal hands. I nearly got his stack when I got a free look in the BB with 35o.

Flop: 246, two clubs.

He led at the flop, I raised big (another player active and I didn't want to see a club come out), he moved in, I instacalled. He had 45o for the ol' pair-and-a-gutshot. Turn was a 7. River was a 3 and we chopped it. He was very apologetic. I was just happy he didn't runner-runner a boat.


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