Just bought into today's $1580 NLHE, once again the biggest event I've ever entered. Playing three events this week; I looked at my spreadsheet last night and realized that if I cash in just one I'm guaranteed a net profit for the Classic even if you discount event #1. Bombing out of all three will cost me a grand at most. I have to be due for an early exit one of these times but I'll take my luck while it lasts.

I haven't looked at the all-around player points board for a while but I suspect that even with the ten points I picked up on Friday I'm well out of the running - there have to be five or six players around a hundred points and I have sixty, meaning that I'd have to make final four in at least one of the four remaining events I'm playing to have a shot at the top five, which is what pays. Odds of that are quite long. But if you told me three weeks ago that I'd even have a ghost of a chance of just being on the list, I'd have laughed at you. If my giant leap doesn't get me into freeroll territory, well, it got me far enough.

I appreciate the comment sympathy I've gotten below. I feel the need to temper my remarks a bit, though. Context is everything, and while I don't appreciate the actions of my fortunate opponent, I certainly understand them. As end-zone celebrations went, it was fairly tame compared to a lot of what I'd seen here, and he had just gone from chip-and-a-chair to a reasonably healthy stack. On the flop he was just a five-outer away from losing it again, and we all know those come along more often than it seems they should. If our positions were reversed I'd like to think I'd accept my good fortune with a little more humility and respect, and I never would have walked away from the table during a hand in the first place, which was what set off the whole brouhaha. Despite what I may think of his decisions in the moment, the guy is obviously a good player - he took second in an earlier event, and coming back to beat the remaining field on Friday was no mean feat, as there were a number of tough players with deep stacks. I wish him no ill will. Though you can bet I'll speak up the next time a rule goes unenforced with a couple hundred grand at stake.

As for hypothetical-stripper-assault guy, he can suck it. Context matters, but not that much.


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