Mea Culpa

"That was some of the best flying I've seen yet - right up until the part where you got killed."
I've posted plenty of hands here in which I'm the hero. In this one, I'm the goat. A dumb goat. A very special goat. I wish I could say what it was that came over me. Do I normally reraise with AQ? I do not. Do I normally put a huge, commitment-heavy chunk of my stack into the pot when my reraise has been called and I whiff the flop completely? I do not. Do I normally do both of these things when my seasoned-professional opponent could well be slowplaying a high pocket pair? Not anymore I don't. In my defense, I made a read and went with it. If he has AK he can't call that bet. I thought he had AK. Of course, that's exactly what he wanted me to think, the crafty bastard. The flop was something useless like 369, two diamonds; I did have one diamond. A demi-semi-bluff. Okay, a pure donkey bluff. Once he's reraised me the pot is so huge (and here's another critical error, I took such care to make an I'm-protecting-my-hand-'cause-there's-a-lot-of-money-out-there bet that I neglected to consider how committed I was) that I have to call and pray he's moving on me with TT-KK, because even three outs twice plus a backdoor draw means I have to call off my last money. Temporary insanity. The lack of AC catching up with me. (It was nonfunctional until somewhere around dinnertime.) Glyphic asked if I was tilted from the hand where I flopped top set and inexplicably ran it into a straight, but I don't think that was it - that took a chunk out of me but didn't send me reeling. Though if it hadn't happened I'd most likely still be alive right now, so of course it annoys me now more than it did at the time. Hdouble advised me not to beat myself up any more than necessary, so I stopped at a blacked eye and a slightly split lip. And it isn't the mistake in and of itself that bothers me - it's that it happened when I was playing and doing very well. I was on a roll. If I played that hand the way I usually play that hand, I call his raise, risking less than 10% of my stack. Maybe I take a stab at the flop or the turn if he checks to me, but with no pair and no draw I give it up the second I get any resistance. I did virtually everything wrong: I overplayed my... well, not that I had a hand, but what I did have I certainly overplayed; I misread my opponent; I committed a lot of chips to the pot on a stone bluff with a mathematically insignificant number of outs. About the only thing I did remotely "right" was to astonish M. Pescatori, who had to be expecting me to flip up tens or jacks at the least. I'll say this: Max is a good one. He smoked me but good, crushing me as thoroughly as I've ever been crushed, but he didn't rub it in, and I doubt he called me a moron under his breath more than five or six times after I left the table, which considering my sudden implosion I surely deserved anyway. I salute you, sir, and thank you for the lesson. Don't expect things to be quite so easy next time.


Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

I hear he's not actually from Italy.

2/09/2006 09:15:00 AM  
Blogger Chilly said...

Please do not beat yourself up over this hand. A year or two from now you're going to slow play your Aces against some kid on a rush and bust him too. Miss played? sure. Hind sight is a bitch sometimes.

If you rocked it any harder we'd have to call you granite.


2/10/2006 08:18:00 AM  

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