A Little Something To Kill The Pain

Hit a minor landmine, button-raising with AQo and ending up calling a very short stack's all-in. He had JJ, I didn't improve. T2900 at the break, 75-150 blinds. The good news is that everyone else is in the same boat except for the big stack at the table, who's very willing to gamble and on whom I have position most of the time.

Had AA once and busted a guy when the flop came 665, I bet, he moved in, everyone else folded. He was pretty short, I had to call T500 to win T1700. He had 88. No miracle for him.

697 entrants in this event and from the sound of it they're still only paying 27 places. Ridiculous, but a nice payoff for the survivors.

Back to the grind. Here's hoping I'm still alive to enjoy my BLT in a couple of hours.


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