Eat Your Heart Out Jerry Lewis

BG has a tear in his colon. Anybody who's got the guts to come out and say that deserves a double sawbuck. You don't even have to give until it hurts. Little story: My younger brother was, at the age of 13, diagnosed with leukemia, a disease he thankfully pounded the shit out of. The hospital bill for the first thirty days, not including doctor's fees or laboratory fees (and you can bet those weren't small either): a quarter of a million dollars. Yeah, we had good insurance, but there was still a healthy chunk of out-of-pocket change to cover. Sickness isn't cheap even for the well-insured. DrPauly has the details. If you're bored by details, you can take a leap and make your completely non-tax-deductible donation to: Full Tilt: GamblingBlues Stars: HeyKidsItsBG


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