Don't Do Anything Stupid Mode

... is what I'll be in after the dinner break. I have T10.5K, which is well above par, but sparks are going to fly because it's 200/400/50 when we come back, neatly cutting my M in half. It's Omaha Beach.

So I think I'll be sitting back and hoping to get away with stealing. I've always shown down good hands so hopefully that'll buy me some credit.

I had a couple of tense moments. Lost a chunk of my stack when the shortstacked button raised with KK and I set him all-in with AQ. Queen-high flop but no help after that, and blinds and antes chipped me down to T7600. Then I got KK to hold up against AJ (jack-high flop) and busted the table's former captain. A bit later I picked up AA UTG; the only player at the table who had me covered is on my left and his flat-call made me nervous, so I led at the jack-high flop because he'd shown a propensity for chasing draws and there were two clubs out there. Thought about trapping but if he checks behind and catches a two-outer on the turn I'm done for.

BLT time. Longest line ever at the snackbar so I'll have to chow down when I finally get it.


Blogger Donkeypuncher said...

Good luck man!

2/13/2006 08:46:00 PM  

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