New hard drive doesn't work. Now my DVD drive doesn't work either. I have a curious relationship with technology - I'm very fortunate with it so long as I'm not pressing my luck. I can drive a car into the ground like you wouldn't believe.The old Fonzie whack-on-the-side-of-the-machine serves me well. I have a dynamite surround-sound system at home and so long as I don't try to optimize a damn thing it sounds fantastic. (Ok, home video is one aspect of technology with which I'm very comfortable - my system is a tangled web of component video cables, switchers and optical audio jacks, and operating my remotes requires a bachelor's in electrical engineering - but this just shows that I'm an excellent operator of technology.) But change a tire? I can do it, but it'll take me ten times as long as anyone else. Change the oil? Ditto, and ten times messier to boot. Installing a new hard drive? Not a chance. I cracked open the case again and realized why the DVD drive wasn't working - I'd disconnected the power supply. Whoops. After reconnecting that I was faced with another dilemma; I had no spare connector with which to power the new hard drive. So it's off for another trip to the technology store! ...except now my garage door opener doesn't work, so I'm trapped here until such time as a replacement can be found. It's a conspiracy, I tell ya. Good thing Full Tilt Poker just released their Mac client, because I have a feeling that's all I'm going to have a chance to play today.


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