That's What Friendsters Are For

Two long holiday weekends. Zero accomplishments. Well, I cleaned up about fourteen individual instances of cat vomit and saw a couple of movies (Syriana and Munich this weekend; surprisingly, I liked the latter better), made a batch of chili and lost eight dollars in glyphic's impromptu home game. Tonight I went on a Friendster-jag, inviting people I've known or met briefly to become part of my personal synthetic family, which provided some amusement. FRIENDSTER: You are about to add [redacted] as a friend. ... Continue only if you really are friends with [redacted]. ME: Well, I... pfshhh, I guess so, it's not like I saved [redacted]'s ass in Vietnam or anything, I... FRIENDSTER: [mute patience] ME: Look, I (haven't spoken to [redacted] since people were worried about the Y2K bug/just met [redacted], but it's all good/can't possibly really KNOW if I'm friends with [redacted] until there's more at stake than a bar tab), so WHY MUST YOU PRESENT ME WITH SUCH VEXING DECISIONS? FRIENDSTER: SHIT OR GET OFF THE POT, FREAKBOY ME: [stunned silence] FRIENDSTER: YOU THINK MY JOB IS EASY? I HAVE TO LISTEN TO SLACKJAWED NERDS LIKE YOU PONDER THE - ME: Fuck me, I'm [click] sure, fuck off. At the rate I'm producing posts on my WPBT experience, I ought to have about finished by the time the next horde descends on Vegas. (Speaking of glyphic, whyn'tcha all ask him when that's gonna be?) Sheesh. I promise there'll be no more minutiae about my IP hotel room apart from references to the bed there, which really could have used a few jagged rocks in the liner. Swear to Jebus, I mussed up that bed but good and then started bouncing quarters on it, Just. Because. I. Could. If I were a younger, spryer, lighter man, they'd probably still be scraping my hair off the ceiling.


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Actually April's taken the lead on organizing the summer event, so add your two cents here:


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