Table is pretty wild. We've had seven or eight bustouts already. Two to my right is a solid player who's also been a cardrack. On his right is a latecomer, a major gamb00ler. If I have cards I'll get paid.

Some action:

Third hand, I get KK UTG+1. I raise to T75. No callers (boo!).

I dwindle down to T1200 by missing cheap flops with 44 and 55, which is easy to do. Then I flop the nut flush from the small blind in a battle of the blinds. River spade kills my action but I get a few hundred out of it.

KK in the small blind. I raise one limper to T200 (less than the usual opening raise at this table, which is often 10x the big blind); the lady in the big blind calls. K85 flop rainbow. I make a continuation bet and she calls. I bet bigger on the turn amd she calls again. On the river I realize I have the nuts and cleverly push my last T600 in. She folds. Whoops.

at the break now. T4900, up from T1500 to start.


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