T1000 at the first break. Slightly on tilt for a while there, especially when I folded KJo with a frequent punisher yet to act. He didn't raise this time. Flop AQT. Fair amount of action. Tripling up would have been nice.

The last hand I played: QTs on the button. A22 flop and nobody bets. Turn Q and the small blind throws out a small bet. He likes orphan pots so I pop him. He calls me fast enough that I know he has the ace and because of the board pair I know he's not worried about kicker trouble. River T which is pretty but useless. I check behind, he shows his ace, I rap the table.

I have won one pot and chopped one pot, for a net profit of T250 on pots I've been involved in. No cards, no flops. No pocket pairs at all, one biggish ace (the ATo hand I mentioned earlier), KJo twice. No suited connectors.

Ah, well. I play better with a shortstack anyway, don't I?


Blogger anthroth said...

Short stacked at these levels is a term of art until you hit a hand..sort of that place in between heaven and hell..

1/30/2006 05:52:00 PM  

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