One Hour, -T500

No flops. I blew off 225 by making a continuation bet on a J34 board, two hearts. He called, another J fell on the turn, I checked behind. White flag. River no help; not sure I was looking for it anyway.

Missed another flop with T8s. There went T200.

Good hand here: UTG raises, but it's a min-raise. I'm UTG+1 and call with ATo. So do five other players. Flop comes ATJ with two hearts. Mixed blessing. UTG bets T400 and I raise to T1200, hoping nobody has KQ. Not the best plan but it works. UTG goes into the tank. "Will you show me if I lay it down?" he asks. He goes into the tank for so long that someone calls a clock on him. The floor inadvertently gives him an extra minute. He finally calls. The turn is a blank that can't have helped him so I put the rest of my chips in. He agonizes again but the bet is prety small and he has to call.

He turns over AT. Dammit. The only flop I've hit so far and he hit it too. But I almost got him to lay it down, which is something. I guess. I'd rather have the chips.

T1900, 25-50 blinds. No danger yet but I'm not thrilled.


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