O8, T3, S4

Little over half an hour until the O8 tourney starts. I wanna play hands with an ace and a deuce, right?

Probably a smaller field in this one, I'm guessing. I might be dead money. If I get really lucky, anyone have any advice on shorthanded O8? I'm used to playing at a full table.

I got here in record time - twenty minutes or so. Early enough that I felt I had time to sit and play some limit. It's absolutely surreal to me that I can now sit 20/40 just to kill time.

Anyway. The 20/40 table was full (I saw one guy who was here when I left 12 hours ago) and the must-move broke as soon as I sat down, so I took an open seat at 9/18 and got crushed. I jammed a lot of flops where I was pretty sure I was a favorite, like with overcards and a flush draw, and value-raised in position multiway with straight draws, etc. ABC poker. Unfortunately my turns and rivers were strictly grade Z. -30BB. Pretty awesome hourly rate for a 90-minute session.

The 20/40 game I played last night was amazing. It's like Party 2/4. One guy called me heads-up out of position on the flop with nothing but 5HTK (that's five high top kicker, dontcha know), no pair, no draw on an AT9 flop. I'd raised on the button preflop with KQs. He hit a 5 on the turn and called another bet. I checked behind on the river. I had no cards all night; my one big pair was cracked by a runner-runner boat, though I got a little of my money back by trapping 5HTK guy for an extra bet on the turn (runner-runner lady was all-in). Somehow I still made a little money in that game.

All right. Tourney warm-up time. I'll try to update at breaks assuming I actually make it to one. Planning to take tomorrow as a decompression day - get a new iPod, nap with the cats, hug my wife a few times - so I'll try to put up the final bits of the NL tourney report then. There's not much left to tell, though the final hand has some jazz to it.

An aside: last Sunday, this blog had seven hits. Seven. Around 1500 a day for the last couple. I'm amazed at the number of people actually reading what I have to say. I'll try to keep it interesting, but I'll also say this: there are a shitload of bloggers out there who deserve your traffic too. Some of them are in the blogroll on the right. It's Sunday and you've got time to spare - pick one you've never read before and start combing through the archives. There's gold in them thar hills.


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