Monday Mundane

Took the day off from Commerce to pick up the wife at the airport and spent the rest of the day crashed out on the couch, sharing stories from our time apart. Hers were funnier than mine, as usual. I suspect the cats of being happier to see her than you'd think appropriate, considering I'm the one that feeds them even when she is at home. But I'm inappropriately happy to see her myself so it's hard to hold a grudge. Saturday was good to me. I played three $120 one-table satellites, going out early in one and making a heads-up chop in two. The cash and lammers I walked with are getting me a substantial discount on today's $1K NLHE event, which is good as I think my money gets a little deader every time the buy-in goes up. There is more play in the more expensive tourneys, though - T2500 to start with the same blind structure and the levels are sixty minutes rather than forty. For anyone who wants a miniscule piece of my action in these larger events, I'm willing to sell 2.5% pieces rather than 5%; I realize it's a lot easier to take a flier for $50ish than a little over $100. Past performance is obviously not an indication of future results and so far I have failed my backers utterly (well, one event was a break-even proposition). The list of events I'm planning to play, etc. can be found here. I will probably skip the limit hold'em tourney as I'm not sure I could re-gear my head for it right now anyway and the way things are going the NL ones are looking better anyway; I'll probably play one more $1500 tourney and if I get very frisky one of the $2500 tourneys. Very, very frisky. Wish me luck; if I strike gold in even one of the tourneys I'm playing from now until the end of the LAPC, you'll have one more live-blogger reporting from the floor of the Main Event. Though I gotta be careful about that - a few days back I got an email out of the blue from a reader who'd been at the tables with me. I'm no longer incognito, and that is not so neat-o.


Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

Let's gamble. I'll take 5%.

1/30/2006 09:05:00 AM  
Blogger Joe Speaker said...

Good luck, man. I still owe you $8.

1/30/2006 11:40:00 AM  

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