Life Support

Got badly outflopped and then badly outplayed in a battle of the blinds. I flopped a monster draw when I called the small blind's raise with A23J, the ace suited in clubs. Flop A89 two clubs. He bets, I raise, he calls. Turn 9, he checks, I bet, he raises, I swear and call. River is another ace, he bets, I crying-call, he shows A789 for like eighteen full houses. If this was Chinese Omaha I'd be out already.

Twice I've been raised off a draw to the nuts. Once was a good laydown, the other was bad; both came in. If I'd gambled I'd have the biggest stack at the table by far.

Ah, well. The guy to my left was lower than I am now (T425, 75-150) and now he's making change. I remain cautiously optimistic. All I have to do is quadruple up a few times and I'm right back in it.


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