The Envelope, Please

Just saw the biggest Hollywood ever. Guy in the 3 seat, who's new to the table, might as well have been wearing a sign that said I HAVE A PAIR OF ACES AS MY TWO HOLE CARDS. He "just called" a reraise before the flop, which then came ATT. He checked and slowly called a flop bet. He faked with his chips and then checked the turn. He checked his hole cards at least six times during the hand. I would have been willing to bet $100 that he had AA. If the other guy folded I was going to say "Would you please show us your aces so we can appreciate the nuances of your performance?"

He had AA and got a T2000 bet called on the river.

He also cost us about six minutes of the level. He's still playing painfully slow.

T2100, 100/200, in the big blind next hand.


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