Danke Schoen, Dahling

Like the title says, thanks to all those who advised in comments on the post below. The consensus seemed to be a solid "it depends", which is exactly what you should get when you ask questions about poker. My current plan is to drive out there and go by feel. I want to look at the structure and see how much play there is to a single-buy stack, how long the rebuy is available, whether or not there's an add-on, etc. If it's just one rebuy/no add-on I'll probably do it - I'm willing to play in a $1000 tourney, so why should this be any different? My reasoning goes something like this: 1. I'm not going to be the best player in the field but I know I'm not the worst either. I probably have a small skill overlay. 2. If I decide to start with a single-buy stack and don't have to rebuy, that's another overlay. 3. There's a tiny longshot overlay granted by the Best All-Around Player prize - if I can just cash in a few more events I likely have a shot at it. I'd be more comfortable if I'd sold a little more of my action. I might beg off at the last minute and return action on this event to those who've bought a piece, maybe play some satellites instead. Regardless I know where I'm headed today. Time to suit up.


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