Could Be Worse

Table 25, seat 7.

Looking over the official chip counts gives me some hope. The chipleader has 79K, less than 10% of the chips in play, so clearly nobody's running away with it yet.

I drew a decent table - the biggest stack at the table is 44K, which I can at least hurt if not cripple. Most of the table stacks are close to par and the player to my left has only 23K, which is the perfect amount. Stack two to my left has about 37K which I'm less happy about but if he calls me and loses he's well under par.

There are five stacks left shorter than mine; only one is at my table, three seats to my right. We'll see if he's willing to gamble.

The good news about the table layout is that I can wait at least a little while for a hand - I won't have to instantly call all-in with a marginal hand, anyway. I'm still committed to pushing at the blinds with any reasonable hand if I'm first-in; if I go out 28th (or 29th, I guess), them's the breaks. Hopefully the others don't see it that way.


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Good luck!

1/31/2006 06:52:00 PM  
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