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The JunkGrabber got her money in at 3:1 with one card to come and lost. If she wins there I fully expect to see her at the final table. As it is she went home, while I stuck around to play a satellite.

Buyins today are $120, players playing for a thousand in lammers and eighty bucks in cash. My stack dwindled to start, as I missed flops and folded.

There was an older, aggressive gentleman in the 10 seat who would almost always raise to punish limpers, which got me to make the mistake of limping in middle position with KK. He almost raised again but not this time. I swore a little inside.

Then the flop came KT8. He checked, I checked, the guy behind me bet 100, he checkraised to 300, I moved in for 300 more. Guy to my left folds, 10 seat calls. I flip my kings with a flourish and he groans, rolling over KT. No ten on the turn and he's drawing dead.

From there on I start stealing to stay even, chipping up a little in the process. With 100/200 blinds I button-raise with 55, expecting to take the blinds. But the BB flat calls.

Flop comes A24 rainbow. He checks. I decide to test my theories about the value of position, throwing out a half-pot bet. He folds QQ face up. Theory looking pretty okay now. I do not show my bluff.

I lose a quarter of my chips when I raise from the SB with A5o and get popped all-in by the big. I show him my ace as I fold it. He shows me AK. The next hand the blinds go to 200/400. I have 1400.

Shortstack time. I move in every time I can, keeping my stack between 1400 and 2000. I have a tough decision when I'm the BB with 77 and there's an all-in raise and call behind me. Both have me covered. I finally fold. Al-in raiser has AK, caller has QQ. Phew! I nearly fall out of my chair when the flop comes with a 7 until I realize there's also a queen out there.

Back down to 1400 and in shortstack mode still. Other players get Broomcornered into weighted coinflips and lose. By the time we're threehanded, I move all-in with abandon; nobody wants to take a $1000 coinflip with me. The SB gifts me some chips by constantly completing the blind and then folding to my all-ins.

Then I get Q7s in the small blind. Hey, a hand that actually matches remotely well with a random hand! I shove and get called. Big blind has Ac3c. I flop a queen, turn a queen, but he has four to the flush. No club on the river and suddenly I'm the chip leader, 4k/3k/3k. The next hand the guy to my left is out and I'm behind 4k/6k. I know I could ask for an even chop here since it's pretty close to a coinflip at this point but since the chip counts are so dead-on I agree to a 60/40, which at least gives me a discount on future events.

Back to play more.


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Thanks for the support and great advice yesterday!

1/29/2006 05:20:00 PM  

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