Chipping Up

Up at T3200 from my rebuy. Three limpers, I find KK in the BB and pop it to 500 (50-100 blinds). 10 seat reraises all-in for 500 more. Everyone folds, I instacall. I feel pretty good when I flop a king, but he does have a gutshot with A9s. Turn is a queen and I feel a little better with the ten seat drawing dead.

Just dodged a major bullet. I call a raise from LP in the cutoff with JJ. Two (!) callers behind. Preflop raiser moves all-in for T1550 (pot was about 1300) on a flop of QQ7. I go in the tank. I think I have him beat but with two players left to act, one of whom has me covered... I lay it down. Loose player on my left (who outdrew me before my rebuy) finally calls and shows TT. Preflop raiser has AcKc - he's behind but a favorite. Club comes on the turn and I pat myself on the back. I know it was a suicidal call, but at least I read it right - I had the best hand (but wasn't a favorite). Though pot odds say I should call there with no-one left to act, and I probably would have.


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