Alive, If Not Kicking

Just under T5K at the dinner break. I got bad-beated out of another 3K by a rivered three-outer, though I still made a little on the hand. Made a bad call with AQo when I should have just shoved and got outplayed after the flop, which cost me 800 in chips. Then I tried to steal in the cutoff with Q9s. Button woke up with aces but had so few chips left I would have had to call even if he showed 'em to me.

Made some chips back by reraising with ATo when I realized I had enough chips to cripple the preflop raiser.

Overall I think I'm playing better this tourney - more willing to tap people when I have them covered and I think they're weak.

Anyway. Short but don't count me out. Blinds 200-400, antes 50. My M is 5. Time to commit some acts of thievery.


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