You Don't Know What You're Missing

I was all set to post this dramatic blow-by-blow of my triumphant return to online tourneys, but then I got all my money in preflop with KK against the table maniac. He had AA. Flop was no help, turn was no help, river was no help. He was the kind of maniac who taunted other players for "poor play". I had every reason to want to see him dead in a ditch just on general principle, and still I didn't instacall with my kings when he massively over-raised. I figure I can get away from AK, maybe JJ against him there - he's not particularly bright and I know I can get my money in better than a slightly weighted coinflip. Apparently I can also get it in a lot worse. The annoying part is he wouldn't have even had me covered except that a few hands before I'd called an all-in from a dumbass UTG limp-reraiser. He limped, I popped it fairly big with QQ (and I was playing very few hands), he went all-in for about 3x my raise (still not even 1/4 of my chips), I called, he showed... A6o. Nice hand, sir, nice hand. Sorry about all those times you were dropped on your head. Oh, look, you hit your ace! Good for you.


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