Friday night: Make stupid moves in tourney. Get short and push with 77, get one too many callers. Actually just the one would have been enough. It was still early on, but not too early for Lance to call with J5s and make a boat. Make dynamite plays in the cash game after donking off a buy-in (it never hurts when anyone else has me outkicked, but when it's Lance...), doubling through ephro when I flop a set of 8's to his TPTK, and building my stack to close to $300 by checkraising the hell out of the pot every time I flop two pair (this being the call-and-buy game, it happens a lot). Then the hand where I get all the Geek's money in on a two-outer happens. It's near the end of his monster post. I can't really talk about it except to say that when the Geek offered me a dollar to round out my stack at the end of the night it was pretty much the fucking definition of adding insult to injury. Last hand of the night: I limp with 37s. (Okay, I limp and buy a card, but I drew to the Hammer so it wasn't much help.) Flop is K75, two spades. Pair, flush draw, backdoor dumbass straight draw. When it's checked to me in late position, I bet somewhere in the vicinity of the pot ($15), hdouble checkraises the pot. I couldn't see him having hit that flop hard enough to be that far ahead of me - at worst he could have picked up a pocket pair when he bought a card preflop and flopped a set, but he didn't start with one, or else he'd have raised. I put him on either two pair or a semibluff - he has very little money left behind so I have odds to call against either. Which I do. We get the rest of the money in on the turn (offsuit J) and he flips up QsTs, which doesn't surprise me nearly as much as 3s7s appears to surprise him. (He later says that he thinks only a true maniac can call the checkraise there with less than two pair. I've never thought of myself as a maniac, but I guess I'll wear it as a badge of honor, because if you can get called a maniac during a round of Columbine, then sir, you are a fucking. maniac.) Anyway. I have the best hand but hdouble has 19 outs (any ace, queen, ten, nine, or spade), meaning my edge is pretty thin. The river is paint (uh-oh), a jack (yay!), black (urp)... a spade (fuck!). Pot is not mine. IGHN. Saturday morning: I sit at PokerRoom 10/20. Second orbit I pick up QQ in the big blind. It's folded to the button who likes to steal and overplay whatever he hits on the flop. He raises; I flat call to take a flop. Flop J52, I check, he checks behind. Curiouser and curiouser. Turn x, I bet, he raises, I call. River T, I check, he bets, I call, he shows JJ for flopped top set. I think I lost about the minimum possible there, but that doesn't make it any more fun. A few hands later: I pick up 88 in EP and raise; my nemesis from the previous hand is in the big blind and calls. Flop is queen high with two clubs; he checks, I bet, he calls. Turn is an 8, but also a club. He checks, I bet, he raises, I think he's probably overplaying top pair so I threebet, he caps, I swear and call. River is blank and I do not boat; he bets, I call. He shows Ac7c. Overpair v. set, set v. flush. Promising start. Yeah. So here's the junk-kicking: TT in MP2, I raise two limpers, blinds fold, limpers call. Flop T86 rainbow. Top set has not been kind to me lately so I am playing the shit out of this one. It's checked to me, I bet, UTG limper raises, other limper folds, I call planning to raise the turn. Turn is rainbow-completing ace; UTG bets, I raise, he threebets, I cap. River is another ace; he bets, I raise, he threebets, I call and begin looking around the room for something sturdy enough to anchor the noose. He shows ATo. I ask my wife, "I look awfully calm for a guy who just lost over $400 in three hands, don't you think?" At least my poker face is getting a good workout. Sunday's WPBT Six-Gun Shootout: I missed last Sunday's and may as well not have shown up for this one. Early on I call F-Train's position raise from my big blind, holding JJ. Flop comes Q82 with two spades. I check, he bets, I pop it to 3x, putting about a third of my chips into the pot. He moves all-in. I think I am ahead but can't call. He shows 9sTs for the big ol' semi-bluff. Two orbits later I would have had enough information to call his move there, but I haven't played in many blogger events and it takes me a while to get to know players. A few hands later I go halfway broke in a limped pot when I can't let go of 88 after the board pairs tens on the turn. (Tens = the only overcard.) From there it's only a matter of time. I fold rag after rag, moving all-in with AJo and T9o and getting no callers; when the blinds are about to move up (I still have an M of 6 but not for much longer) I shove in earlyish position with KTo and get called by the healthy stack in the blinds, holding KQo. QJx flop is about the second-best I could hope for; turn is a K, river is a blank and IGHN. Well, I am home. It's a pretty long walk in my head, though.


Blogger hdouble said...

Izmet says: "Chips are floating your way in loose games (if you play goot), you just can't see it because of the variance muddying the waters.

Any suboptimal play by your opponent drops a coin in your pocket, but you must have the pocket at the right place to intercept. When opposition is stupid, you can start shoving your hand into *their* pockets (and be aware that while leaning over somebody could have his hand in *your* pants)."

11/13/2005 07:22:00 PM  
Anonymous fhwrdh said...

have you tried the whiskey?

11/13/2005 07:45:00 PM  
Blogger Absinthe said...

I prefer scotch. It makes a man mean and pretentious.

11/13/2005 08:16:00 PM  

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