It's When You're More Than Famous

A moment from the IHG: Lkim is on the button and has raised preflop; two limpers call and see a flop of AQ4 rainbow. Both players check-call Lance's reasonably-sized flop bet. Turn is an offsuit T and Lance bets big. First limper moves all-in. Second limper moves all-in. And Lance shows us his cards. This has a startling effect on the table. First, we're surprised to see him holding a decent hand for once - AQo for top two pair. Second - and this is a table comprised of the loosest players in a game not notable for big laydowns - the verdict is unanimous: you're beat and you have to fold, even if you do have both of them covered. At best you have a second-best hand with at most four outs, at worst you're drawing dead to slowplayed pocket aces. This is the judgment of everyone at the table. Even with four live outs Lance doesn't have odds to call, even with both all-ins. Those of you who've played with Lance should be surprised by neither of the following two facts: 1. Lance called. The first limper showed KJo for the nut straight. The second showed 44 for bottom set. Lance's top two are indeed third-best. 2. River ace and LHIG. If I hadn't dealt it myself I'd have suspected a deliberate cold-deck. It was that kind of night for him. Early on I called a small raise of his with 45s and saw a flop of 677. He made a tiny flop bet and I liked my implied odds if I caught my open-ender so I called. Turn: 3. Jackpot. He bet out about half the pot and I popped him 3x his bet, hoping he had an overpair. He calls. River: 7, putting trips on the board. He checks and I swear, checking behind. He shows KK for the boat the hard way. I show my worthless straight, smashing my table image forever. Somehow I survive past the bubble and end up heads-up with Lance. He has me outchipped approximately 17 to 1 and I last all of two hands. It was a great night for me nonetheless. I flopped good hands out of the blinds in the cash game and got paid off big, and managed to lay down queens preflop when my UTG bet was faced with a raise and an all-in reraise. I walked off with a nice profit on the night... which five days later I donated to the LA Poker Bloggers Home Game, a.k.a. The Toughest Home Game On The West Coast. C'est le jeu.


Blogger hdouble said...

Screw you. Player of the week in the LAPBHG is Absinthe Serious, no contest.

10/09/2005 03:25:00 AM  

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