Meme Ahoy

Joe is at least indirectly responsible for this. Absinthe is NOT very bitter. Absinthe is bitter, like licking failure. Absinthe is as poetical as anything in the world. Absinthe is very flammable and burns with a pleasing blue hue. Absinthe is known as La Fee Verte or The Green Fairy. Absinthe is the fucking shit. Absinthe is online. Absinthe is no stronger than a glass of table wine. Absinthe is about as common as orange Fanta. Absinthe is a strong example of the exuberance and complexity with which
the Cubist armature had assembled itself by the fall of 1911 Absinthe is briefly mentioned several times in the Bible. Absinthe is going against the very grain god intended to grow out
of humanity. ### (PS: good luck, glyphic.)


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