Gone Quiet

I've been neglecting both my game and this blog for a few weeks, having been too busy to play poker and too certain that none of my readers care to read about anything else. My life is fairly dull even when it's eventful. Anyway, I've been working on other less-lucrative-but-more-satisfying projects, and I'll be out of town until the first week of August. I had a nice session at 5/10 the other day, when the perfect storm of table selection + table position + table image came together for me - loose, sometimes-aggressive-but-always-predictable player two to my right, passive-aggresssive player (really, they exist) two to my left. The buffer players were both rocks so my preflop decisions were always easy, and my top pair hands were hitting and holding up. It was a really nice session - a lot of small pots, no big ones, just a relaxing grind in front of the television. The passive-aggressive player whined at me for one hand. I had As8d in sixth position and had been quiet for a while (and only showed down good hands), so I raised, hoping to steal. Passive-aggressive cold-called me on the button, both blinds folded. Flop came A92, all diamonds. I wasn't crazy about the flop but bet anyway, hoping he'd cold-called with KQ or KJ or a pocket pair other than 9's or 2's. He called. Turn was Qd, giving me a flush, but a weak one. I checked, he bet, I called. River was a blank and we both checked, and my flush was good. He immediately started complaining. I checked the hand history; turned out he had AJo, no diamonds. Comments on his or my play are welcome.