Saturday, 3:31 PM: Wife and I discuss our plan of attack for cleaning the house. 3:34 PM: Fhwrdh calls with a last-minute invite to the Infamous Home Game. Said game starts in roughly twenty minutes. I turn to wife, preparing to plead my case, but she cuts me off, mouthing "go" before I can really get started. 3:41 PM: I get in the car. 4:06 PM: I arrive and discover I haven't even missed a round of blinds yet. 5:15 PM: I'm down T70 from the start. 6:15 PM: I'm down considerably more than T70 from the start. Garbage, garbage, garbage. 7:00 PM: I sit nursing my 3BB stack (100/200 blinds) and wondering what I've done to deserve this. The player to my right who shall remain nameless is impressively aggressive, and was hit in the face with the deck - big pocket pairs every other hand, AK flopping two pair, that sort of thing. I'd gotten so used to folding that a few orbits back I'd mucked 44 to one of her raises preflop, only to see the flop come AJ4; she turned over AJ and busted someone out. Could have really used that triple-up. I decide to have a beer since the Fanta is obviously not getting it done. Roughly ten minutes after that: I look down and my stack is 25BB. JJ had more than doubled me up but I was still short when I found AJs UTG. So I pushed. Then someone called me. Then the big blind called all-in. AJs not looking so hot. First caller turns over 88. Okay, coin flip. Big blind flips over AKo. Not so much a coin flip anymore. Flop comes jack high, nobody else improves and my hand is good. Chips get pushed around the table until the short stacks drop out and we move to the final table. Somewhat later: I make it past the bubble but am nigh-shortstacked. A limp-reraise with KK busts out 88, giving me my second bounty chip. With blinds at 300/600 I find 66 UTG, five-handed. I pop it to 1800 and get reraised by the button. He has me covered, just barely. I start counting my chips and curse myself for not having done any significant calculus for the last decade. If I fold, I am down to about 7BB, and the next blind increase is very soon. What's more, I've seen this player call an all-in with A9o. So a race is a definite possibility, and so is a lower pair. I think. There's 6700 in the pot so I am getting 1.5/1 on a call. Easy if I actually am up against overcards, but... I talk myself into calling, remembering that you have to beat AK to win tournaments. Unfortunately for me to win a tournament, in this case, I have to beat JJ, the same hand I lost to last time. The turn gives me some hope in the form of a raggedy suckout flush draw, giving me 11 outs for the river, but none of them hit. Still happy with my play - except for that last one, of course. I only sucked out one big hand this time and didn't have much luck with flops, and it was tough to steal pots at my first table, the biggest thief being directly to my right and not the least bit shy with the gamble. All in all, though, I'd rather be first. Or at least out early enough to get some action in at the cash game.


Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

Hey Absinthe, I hear Facty kicked your ass good and proper. Wish I'd seen it.

5/12/2005 03:29:00 AM  
Blogger Absinthe said...

I wish I'd actually played a pot against her so I could admit to said ass-kicking. She did whale on my blind a bit.

5/12/2005 11:41:00 AM  
Blogger Joe Speaker said...


66, not so much.

5/12/2005 03:53:00 PM  

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