A Whole Latte Poker

[Please forgive the atrocious punnery in the title. I tried. -Ed.] No, I don't know why I'm pretending I have an editor either. I choose to blame coffee. Which I don't drink much of these days. Nor any sort of caffeine, really, except when I'm on a road trip and need the jitters to keep myself alert and alive. Or to get jazzed up for the poker tables - it makes for a more consistent shaking of the hands that's less of a tell. Or so I tell myself. But yesterday, I found myself consuming not one but two large vanilla lattes at a local coffee shop with free wi-fi, multitabling Pokerroom 2/4 on my laptop. A side note: for reasons not quite clear to me, I generally play better at Pokerroom without a tracker. Maybe because I play more aggressively without it and give less respect to raises than I should, I don't know. (Usually I have better results without the tracker, that is. Currently in the middle of a tracker-assisted +60BB session, knock on wood.) Anyway. I absolutely tore up the tables. You all know how it feels. Redrawing the nut flush to your opponent's turned set in an action pot, outpipping aggressive players coming after you with KQ to your AQ, catching gutshots against players who should have raised you out two streets ago. Beautiful. I raised it up preflop with the Hammer twice and got no callers, both times showing and then catching a big pocket pair within the next orbit. By the time I'd drained my second cup I had a palpable buzz in my head and another 85BB in my bankroll - not bad for a way to kill a couple of hours at a coffee shop. Play the rush, I told myself, and when I got home I logged in and promptly lost 30BB back to the game - most to a major gambooler who'd obviously had way more coffee than I had. Any piece of the flop was grounds for capping every street, as was J3o preflop. (He caught a J on the river to beat the guy behind me's pocket 10s.) The general atmosphere of looseness was exacerbated by one particular fishy station - you could almost see the lightbulb clicking on over his head as he realized, "This guy's betting with nothing! I have an ace! I raise! All the way to the river!" Any pot involving the two of them was invariably capped on every street, meaning it cost $48 to take your hand to the showdown. The megalomaniac burnt through $100, bought back in for another $100, lost most of it and worked his way back up to $160 before departing in a flash. Meanwhile I was crashing hard and decided to pack it in for the night. Or, at least, stop playing poker. I was wide awake until 4AM. Bed wasn't an option so I sat up and thought about poker, coming to one realization which I'll share in a subsequent post - it may well be my first and last semi-substantial contribution to the world's wealth of poker knowledge.


Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

Very jealous of the laptop screen big enough to multi-table.

3/05/2005 05:30:00 PM  
Blogger Absinthe said...

I gotta 12" Powerbook. It ain't the screen real estate, it's the fact that PokerRoom is a much smaller pond - I played several thousand hands with a lot of these players before I even HAD PokerTracker. So overlapping windows = no big deal. Plus when you learned to multitable 7-stud on a screen like that and had to keep track of what cards had been mucked in which game, remembering who's a maniac and who's tight-aggressive isn't much of a challenge.

I'm not a genius, really. But sometimes I think the way I learned has helped my general attention and focus as a player.

3/05/2005 11:35:00 PM  

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