Et Tu, Mrs. Slick?

10+1 limit tourney on Pokerroom. I've outlasted 3/4 of the field by playing and winning a whopping two pots, plus a couple of stolen blinds. These tourneys are a bit of a crapshoot because with the escalation of the blinds and the relatively small number of players (around 200 for this one), there just aren't that many chips in play relative to the blinds. You can bust someone out and still be in trouble. My cards were cold as ice; the best I'd seen the whole tourney was 44 UTG and AJs in the big blind, otherwise just random junk. I'm at about T2100 with 300/600 blinds when I pick up Hellmuths in the big blind. It's raised and reraised before it got to me so I cap it; the first raiser (later to become my nemesis) folds and the button calls. Flop comes jack high and I put half my stack in; turn was a rag and the rest of it goes to the middle. The button flips over AQo and I cross my fingers; the river doesn't help him and I double up. Me: 1, AQ: 0. Two hands later I get AA on the button and see my shot to vault into comfortable position. My nemesis raises from UTG and it's folded around to me. I reraise, he caps, I call. The flop comes 884; he bets, I raise, he calles. Turn was a Q, he checks, I bet, he raises, I think for a minute, put him on AQ and reraise. He calls. The river is a queen ("a fucking QUEEN," I hiss). I call the last bet anyway with about half my remaining chips and pray he'll turn over the kings, but no. Dead to runner-runner queen and he draws out on me. Me: 1, AQ: 1 The next hand I find A6o and figure it's the best I'll see before the blinds come around again. Four people see the flop of AQ6. With two pair I figure I'm good to go, but no, after a blistering round of betting, raising and folding, my nemesis turns over AQ yet again for a better two pair. The river is another Q, just to rub a little salt into the wound. I walk away from the monitor and curse the fates for a while. Then I check on the tourney progress and discover that my nemesis has given away most of my chips and isn't likely to make the money (which he doesn't), a small comfort. I fire up PokerTracker and look into the guy and realize he's given me about $100 over the last few weeks and decide not to care about the beat anymore. But the next time I have to muck AQ you can bet it's going to be done with a little more force than usual.


Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

Chick has lost me the most money when cold-calling with it.

3/07/2005 12:33:00 PM  
Blogger dankhank said...

"("a fucking QUEEN," I hiss)"

loved this line.

3/08/2005 02:10:00 PM  

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