Either The Highest Or The Second Highest Mountain In The World

...not counting maybe the ones that are below sea level. I don't know. Am I a fucking geologist? K2 is what I'm talking about. Why am I talking about it? A glitch in the system, a crack in the armor of the online poker shuffle, a simple twist of something that we might call fate if it were of any import at all. I just had one of those nights where I looked down at my cards and more often than not saw K2. 18 times over the course of 262 hands, the statistical probability of which someone with a bigger brain than I might be able to calculate. Suited more often than not, another anomaly - 11 times to 7. I flopped a nut flush from the blinds with it and got 10BB out of the deal, and folded it the other 17 times to the desired effect, so I'm not complaining. It's just on the list of things I think you ought to know, gentle reader. Don't you feel closer to me now?


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