Credit Where Credit Is Due

FilmGeek's post regarding Hank and Iggy's new project, giving them a little credit for his growth as a player, is something I'd like to do as well. I haven't been getting as much out of PokerTracker as I should have and following their hand-review guidelines after both good and bad sessions has bolstered my confidence significantly. Also, they get the credit for changing my PokerTracker icon from the yellow unhappy face to the moneybag. Instantaneously. Apparently I've been a moneybag all along! Just one with a subpar rating system. The one thing I've picked up from Harman's limit section in Super System 2, so far, is her emphasis on aggressive, fearless turn play. I'm dragging pots that I can't possibly have the best hand, and in exchange losing only the occasional bet or two. Sometimes the willingness to bet the turn and the river, despite the appearance of scare cards, has convinced others to lay down what has to be a turned ace with a weak kicker or a pocket pair that's probably good. I need to be quicker about tagging calling stations; overaggression against particular players has cost me a few bets against people who wouldn't give up their bottom pair, and generally those hands represent my biggest losses outside of blinds or unavoidable outdraws. So some selectivity is in order, but in large part I've been happy with my cards and my play; Hank and Iggy's suggestions have made it clear to me just how happy I should be.


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