Commerce, Part I: In Which I Get My Ass Handed To Me

The Commerce Casino is a little more than half an hour from where I live - though in LA time, that really means it's an hour, give or take. But it might as well be on fucking Mars. LA is a strange place; anyone who's flown in to LAX and looked out the window can tell you that. Los Angeles goes on and on in a way that warps your sense of place, that damages your sense of what a city is. New York has boundaries - all that water. Yeah, Los Angeles has a coastline, but from a lot of places it takes a ridiculously long time to get there. (I can drive to San Diego in roughly twice as long as it takes me to drive to Santa Monica when the traffic is lousy.) The city is incomprehensible. Some of the poker is incomprehensible, too. Saturday last I went out to meet Bill, Glyphic and FTrain, and for some reason I sat down at a $100NL table. These tables are soft, sure, but so is my NL game. I got the 1s at a table where the 2, 3 and 4 had at least 4 buyins each - the 4 seat was around 10 stacks deep when I sat down. I resolved to play tight until I picked up a monster. The guys to my left were aggressive enough that when I caught trips (A7 on a 377 board) I didn't even have to bet it - I checked the flop, the guy with AK (slowplayed preflop) put me all-in, I called. This put me back to about $25 over my buy-in (I'd blinded away some chips and put in a few unrespected preflop raises, only to miss completely). For the first time I was feeling good about having sat down. Then this hand: I'm one off the button with AQo. It's folded to me and I raise it up to 10 (despite the huge stacks, the standard preflop raise at our table). The button calls, as does the big blind, who's the guy in the 4 with the monster stack - he'd call any reasonable raise with anything in his blind. Flop comes Q73 rainbow - the small blind checks, I check, and the button throws out $10. The small blind calls. I decide my hand is good and come over the top, hoping to get called with KQ. The button, as it turns out, DOES have KQ and calls me. Unfortunately, the small blind has us both covered, and promptly raises the button all-in, then turns over 33 for the flopped set. The turn was the case Q, giving me a burst of false hope (and some small relief - I overplayed my hand, but I was going broke anyway with trip queens, top kicker), but the river was no help. Goodbye to buy-in #1. I built up buy-in #2 the same way, catching trips and watching other people overplay their hands. Then came a hand where the guy who'd taken my first stack made a move on me when I had AQo on a flop of A78; I called his raise on the flop, the turn came a 9 and I checked it, because I'm a pussy. The Geek says I should have pushed at him on the flop, and anyone else at the table I would have, but once bitten, shame on me, or however that goes. FTrain came by at that point and suggested a drink. I couldn't have agreed more. Up next: I discover possibly the loosest 3/6 table I've ever seen, and start earning my money back!


Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

Yeah, so I ended up dropping another buy-in after that 3/6 suckout. I couldn't stand that guy sitting next to you. Even when he was sitting still he looked fidgety.

3/02/2005 01:22:00 AM  

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