This Isn't So Funny Anymore

O, woe is me, the cards have been hard to me. The hits just keep on coming. Forgive me. You don't have to read this particular bout of whining. I just want to remember this the next time I decide I'm unbeatable. Today's chronicle of despair: AKs (with a K on the flop) to J7s. Not even the right suit; the guy called with undercards and hit runner-runner 7s. KK to 88 (8 on river) AKs to A8s (A on the flop, 8 on the river) QQ to AK (board was rag, rag, rag, rag, A) AQs to ATs (two pair on flop vs. flush on turn) AA (and KK) to QQ (Q on turn) AA to KJ (K on flop, another on river) ...and a QQ that I abandoned when I had four callers preflop, since the flop came AK2, all clubs. (Now, if one of my queens had been a club...) This is all in about two hours, three-tabling. Not one big preflop hand held up. I did hit a set of fours, flopped quad eights, and rivered the backdoor nut flush, all of which got me a little action, but not enough to make up for that string up there. Hey, at least I'm getting good cards again! The run of bad beats did convince people to respect my raises; by the time I left the table I could raise with 28o from middle position and steal the blinds, which kept it from being an absolutely disastrous session. Apparently limping with aces has come back into vogue; I've seen it five times over the last day. Naturally, every time I've seen it done it's worked like a charm, perfect flops for aces, giving the guy with K9 in the blinds top pair with a decent kicker, a vulnerable hand that you've gotta try to protect.


Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

The cards have no memory, but you do. I don't mind reloading at a table full of bad-beaters. If I lose two buyins I'll probably stop playing to prevent tilt, but if I keep my head, I can usually have these same guys pay off all my great hands.

But I know the feeling that a bad run can give you. If we head out to Commerce this Sunday, you should join us for some live action. It could help put a little skip in your step and infuse your online game with some new passion and confidence.

2/19/2005 01:12:00 AM  

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