In Which I Exact My Revenge

So, having taken a sickening number of bad beats at $2-4, I decide, what the hell, I'm going to drop down to $1-2 for the night, start playing with chips instead of money. The cards have been cold for so long that I'm reflexively playing tight and I think my game could use some loosening up. About half an orbit in I get the Hammer in middle-late position. With three callers behind, I decide it's time to have some fun. I raise. My raise buys me position; the small blind calls, as do all three previous callers. The flop: 3c 9d Ts. Everyone checks to me. The Hammer doesn't win pots by being timid so I bet. Everyone calls me. I find myself wishing someone had flopped a stronger hand so I could raise. The turn: 2d, giving me bottom pair. My fingers begin to tingle. Again it's checked around to me. I consider slowplaying bottom pair but the Hammer won't let me. I bet. One of the previous callers drops out, but it's still fourhanded going into the river. I hold my breath. The river: ... ... ...wait for it ... ...yeah, it's 2s. I've got trips. It ain't the nuts but the way this hand has been played I know I'm in clover. Once again it's checked to me. I bet. Only one person calls, the small blind (busted straight and flush draws are a bitch, I suppose). The guy who called me chats "what the fuck just happened?" He had A9o for second pair on the flop. I type "Hammer", pause before hitting the enter key, and then add a few exclamation points. For posterity. The next time I have a big pocket pair (KK) I raise and get five callers. I hit my set on the flop and never look back. At $1-2 I book a bigger win than I have at $2-4 in a couple of weeks. -EV my ass.


Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

That's awesome. The last three times I played the hammer in limit didn't quite work out that way. One time I missed completely, but the other two times I got rivered. Damn.

2/20/2005 03:25:00 PM  

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