Feeling Good About Doing Bad

The last few days, poker-wise, have been a bona-fide nightmare. Incredibly juicy tables, the kind where half the players are playing at least half the pots, capping their gutshot draws all the way to the river and then capping the river as a bluff. Unfortunately I haven't had the good fortune necessary to capitalize on such an embarrassment of rich pots. Set of aces on the flop? Goes down to a guy who called two bets cold preflop with 46o and stayed in heads-up to catch his gutshot. Overpairs? Raised out on the turn by two bluffomatic maniacs before I've seen enough of their play to realize they're just as likely to be holding 29o or bottom pair. When I finally land the overpair they're out of money. Get dealt AKh on the button with seven limpers and manage to cap preflop when I know I've got the best hand, and no doubt the flop will come 567, all clubs. Suited connectors? I'll have bottom pair and backdoor flush and straight draws that I know are no good, especially when the previously unraised pot is already three bets by the time it's my action on the flop. Hit open-ended straight-flush draws thrice in the span of fifteen minutes, and end up with nothing to show for it but, well, three busted open-ended straight-flush draws. Me? Couldn't be happier. It feels weird to have come to a place where I'm comfortable enough in my play that I could give a damn whether or not someone gets lucky and spikes his kicker to beat my TPTK. I want them to get lucky every once in a while. I want to suffer more bad beats than any other type of beat. If all I'm taking are bad beats, I must be doing something right, because that means I'm always getting my money in with the best of it. Three full days of bad beats (ok, and never hitting a flop hard enough when I've got something half-decent preflop) is three days of playing solid poker and weathering a statistical lull. Keep in mind that now is a good time to watch this space, as if the statistical lull continues, my Zen-calm and confidence will quickly sublimate into a bevy of inventive curses and railing at the sky. I'm studying more than a few languages to prepare myself.


Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

I love bad beats.

Pockets aces went down TWICE IN A ROW today taking out most of my initial buy-in. I reloaded for another buy-in and pounded back to post some small profits at the end of the session.

I'm not completely proud to say that I had my share of river suckouts when I was behind on the turn, but I'm not about to return the money I won either.

At least I can say I wasn't playing crap hands.

2/14/2005 04:00:00 AM  

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