And The Beats Go On

When you've got people cold-calling your preflop, QQ-inspired raises with 63o and sucking out on you, what can you do? "Drink heavily" is the obvious response, but I don't really drink anymore. This is my longest cold streak since I started playing. I know there are players out there who are thinking, "yeah, I should have such problems" - a couple of weeks ain't bad. The lousy thing about it is that it's happening when I'm learning to recognize what makes a profitably opponent faster than ever. One orbit in (less, if I've had to wait for my seat) I know exactly who will pay me off with a weak kicker. I've got a pretty good idea who will push at me with a marginal hand. And for all this I get... the longest run of trash hands I've ever had. My Party bankroll has taken a serious hit, naturally just after I cashed out a chunk of it to go climb Full Tilt Mountain. The temptation to abandon my game is strong at this point. When your big pocket pairs aren't holding up (at a table where an unimproved pair of pocket queens took down a five-way, 30BB pot), your big cards aren't hitting and your draws aren't coming through - and you're not getting a decent starting hand very often to begin with - the urge to play any two starts to take over. Those weak offsuit aces start loking pretty good. Watching people drag big pots with any two sooted begins to wear. Right now I'm staring at a KTo in the big blind against a raise from a guy who has not raised once in five orbits. It looks pretty good to me. But I gotta lay it down. Learning how to fold is an important part of your poker education, I'm told. I'm learning, I'm learning.


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