(Apologies for the title, which is an inside joke that no one who reads this blog will get. Or at least appreciate.) So I've returned to our charming apartment (which seems to have a much greater amount of crap lying around it than usual) and am presently composing this post with the aid of a spankin' new PC, which replaces the Compaq desktop that imploded about a year and a half ago and the Compaq laptop with common-problem-but-not-service-bulletin-corrected screen issues. The new PC is not a Compaq for many, many reasons. The less said about the latter half of our Midwestern trip the better. Except for the last few days which we spent with friends rather than family. Also there was a snowstorm so bad that for the first time ever I pulled off the road and got a hotel room - only an hour and a half from our destination. Being in a hotel meant a decent nights' sleep so I can't say I minded. I haven't played so much as a hand of poker for at least three weeks now, a situation which I plan to remedy shortly. My last real session before I left town was miserable - -35BB at $2-$4, the most I've ever lost in a sitting (and proportionally the most I ever plan to lose - there comes a point where you can't even beat a game you know you can beat, and I hit it last time). It's about time I waded into the waters at Party and started bonus whoring hither and thither. Anyone got any codes they'd like to share?


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