New toys

I'd be more gleeful about installing Poker Tracker if it weren't so casually brutal about informing me what a lousy player I apparently am. Granted, I've only played about 600-700 hands since I installed it, but I don't even want to talk about my current BB/100 situation. (At $2/4, no less.) Also it thinks I'm a SLAP (or is it sLAP?). But this could be because I tend to play very tight at first, working to show down a good hand or two to get a modicum of respect for my raises, and this hasn't been working well at the moment because, well, I haven't been getting good hands to show down. As a result, my first experiences with Party haven't been grand. Sure, I SEE the bad play - the first table I sat down at there were two people with a VP$IP over 50%, and one settled in around 75% after eighty hands. So at that table I had the distinct pleasure of losing decent pots to the betmonkey on rivered two-outers, and then watching him redistribute my chips. I take a bit of comfort that I can't find a single flush in my Party hand histories. That's about how I remember it too.


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