I know a little German, he's right over there

me: danke schoen. guy who just showed me bottom pair even though he didn't have to: what does that mean ru cursing me Caught an upswing at just the right time as I multitabled some Party $2/4 last night. On one table I caught AA three times in less than two orbits, dragging two respectable pots and one monster with the top boat. I got lucky on one table (at which also was seated the PokerNerd) and rivered the nut straight in an unraised pot. Was in early position but since it'd been checked to the river I figured one of the three other players would have something to call with. Then a raise and a reraise and I actually had to look again and make sure - yeah, I've got the nuts. So I happily capped. Total voluntary investment in pot, pre-nuts: one dollar. Sadly that was the last pot of any significance I won at that table. The Nerd, on the other hand, pulled out a healthy win. And perhaps gathered a few new readers for his blog.


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