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After a hectic week (most of which was spent wrestling with video compatibility problems, and don't ever let anyone tell you THAT'S not a good time), I finally got a chance to sit down and play today for the first time in about a week. Three hours of $2-$4 later, I am up a cool fifty cents. Dig it. That's not even a cup of coffee at back-in-the-old-days prices for me. Though for quite a while it would have got me twelve ounces of frosty Mountain Dew, or, in certain places, a strawberry Crush in an icy-cold glass bottle, suitable for draining and then chucking across a parking lot just to hear the smashy sound. (This was before I learned about littering.) Treading water doesn't feel bad, though, and I'm feeling more confident about my play. Some days, people keep hitting their draws on you over and over. Most of the people I wss in pots with would call with any two cards; just so happens they kept hitting their draws out of position when I had TPGK or two pair, and these were the kind of players against whom I was comfortable betting for value. Still toying with the notion of going to Commerce this weekend for the blogger meetup surrounding the LA Poker Classic. I could use a spot of live $3-6, but that's about as high as I can go right now without the swings getting to me.


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