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I'll get to the exciting conclusion of my brush with the law soon enough (all the gory parts are over, anyway). So I'm playing a 5+1 tournament at Pokerroom (the only place I can play, really, until my new PC desktop arrives) - and yeah, I shouldn't be bothering with a 5+1 because of the juice and all. But. The field is close to 300 and I'm playing really well - not getting many good cards, but not having to show many hands either, feeling the flops and pushing hard on semi-bluffs. The only hand I was in trouble on was when two people moved all-in in front of me on the flop when I'd hit an open-ended straight draw and a flush draw - but I was getting like ten to one to call with the nut straight draw and second-nut flush draw, so I did. Hit my straight, more than tripled up, and was back in contention (having been hovering around 10BB for the last hour and a half, stealing blinds to stay afloat). The guy in the small blind had been sitting out for over an hour, just letting his chips get blinded off (we're at the final table now, seven of us left) - he'd lucked into a monster stack and decided to sit on it. But he'd decided to come out and play now. Blinds were at, I dunno, 3K-6K. I had a little over 75K after posting to his just-over-100K. Everyone folded to him and he limped. I had T7c and checked. The flop came 3s Th 6c. He bets the minimum into me and I raise it to 10K; he calls. Turn comes 8c, giving me top pair, an inside straight draw and a flush draw. I know that he has absolutely nothing of significance - either a stone bluff or bottom or third pair. I saw the guy play earlier, before he had the monster stack, and with anything else he would have reraised me on the flop, and he'd have folded 63 or T3 or 79 rather than even call half a bet, and with a pair or a couple of overcards he'd have raised preflop. So when he bets 10K into me on the turn I figure he's got A3, A6 or A8, and is just trying to buy the pot. So I insta-raise him another 10K just to let him know I'm serious. So naturally he reraises another 20K. Half my chips are in the pot already and I know know know I've got the best hand. I can smell the chip lead, which is exactly where I'll be if I take down the pot. I run through the outs in my head real quick and figure at best he's got five (three aces, the two of whatever pair he's got). So I push my stack in and, after a moment, he calls. His cards pop up: Ad 3h. I just have time to smile and realize that a) I had him pegged perfectly and b) two of his outs are dead (3c and Ac will give me a flush) before the river comes up - which if you've gotten this far you know just HAS to be the three of diamonds. Which it is. I followed every rule but one - the one about going broke in an unraised pot. But I had the best hand, dammit. I got the guy to put all his money in when he was nearly drawing dead. Which doesn't make me feel better about the difference between first prize and the prize I got (nearly $400), but I guess it's the price of progress.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andy, this is Chris over at http://www.foofile.com/blog/ I responded to your comment about VPC. Long and short of it is as long as you have enough RAM on your G3 you'll be fine. Visit my blog in a few days because I found a new place to play that requires no download--works like PokerRoom.com but better. I'm doing a complete review of it on my site.

Did I read your post right? You bought a PC? What's the deal there? :-)

12/07/2004 05:19:00 PM  
Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

Crap. I was hoping for your straight flush.

As for the PC, wise choice. I'm thinking of getting a ginormous LCD monitor just for poker. 1024 x 768 on my laptop just doesn't cut it.

Who knows, if I go on a good run the next couple weeks, maybe I'll ask HD what model of laptop he has. He's got some kind of insane 1800 pixel wide screen (which you'll recall from his desktop enviro post).

12/15/2004 02:47:00 PM  
Blogger Absinthe said...

And here's where we learn that I'm not nearly as smart as I think I am. I JUST NOW realized that, yeah, I actually had a straight-flush draw.

I hung around to watch the rest of the action - the guy who knocked me out proceeded to play very badly and went out two spots after me, only lasting a littler over an orbit and a half with his massive chiplead. (though to be fair the guy lost a bundle doubling up the small blind when he had 77 vs. AQo)

12/17/2004 02:23:00 PM  

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