Gimme a V! Gimme an A! Gimme an R...

...and you know where this is going. Had my worst session ever the other night - -35BB in a little over an hour. -25BB at one table alone - yeah, that's right, I managed to bust out at a limit table. I was playing my game and taking the worst of it anyway. The hand that hurt the most cost 15BB. I had AsTc on the button with two limpers and raised - my table image was pretty solid at this point and usually my raises got a modicum of respect. SB folded, BB called, one limper folded, the other (who's tricky and aggressive) reraised. I'd seen this player cap with as little as K9o preflop (against weak players) so I figured my hand was best and capped it. BB and limper called - so there's 7.5 BB in the pot preflop. Flop came Ah Ts 4s. It's checked around to me and I bet; BB and tricky guy call. I figure BB has a weak ace but have no idea what tricky guy has. 9BB in the pot. Turn is 8s, a semi-ugly card to me, but even if someone's hit a flush I've got a redraw to the nut flush. Checked to me again and I bet; BB folds, but tricky guy check-raises me. I consider giving up, but then think about it a bit more. Tricky guy is usually aggressive with strong draws, and the odds are he would have bet or check-raised with a flush draw on the flop. If he's playing a four-flush semi-bluff without a pair I've got him drawing dead. The most troublesome possibility is a set, but my flush draw and two pair give me plenty of outs against most sets and enough against even pocket aces. Also there's a lot of money out there. I call. River is Jd, which is a little ugly for me, since tricky guy could easily have KQ with one club. He thinks for a long time and bets out at me. My pointer hovers over the raise button for a while before I sigh and click for the call. His cards pop up: Qc9h for the rivered gutshot. I let out some strangled cry that sets the cats' hair on end. A couple of orbits later, I've had KK lose to 78o (the ugly way, with a flopped two pair) and QQ to 33 (the same way 33 usually beats QQ) and I'm down to $9 in chips at the table. In middle position I have AKo; UTG and UTG+1 both limp, it's folded around to me and I raise. It gets raised and reraised behind me by the button and the SB; UTG calls three bets cold and UTG+1 folds. I call and imagine my pixellated self fondling his last, precious $1 chip. Flop is KT2 rainbow, and when it's checked to me I toss my last dollar in. At this point I realize I'm playing against complete idiots, since the SB folds for my dollar bet (what, you don't like getting 30-to-1 on your money?). BB and UTG call. Turn is a 6 that completes the rainbow and I figure I'm in good shape. River is a deuce, which I figure is pretty safe for me until there's an explosion of betting. After the smoke clears and the pot size doubles, BB turns over JTs, for second and bottom pair (now THERE'S a capping hand); UTG turns over T2h, full house, deuces full of tens. I curse the fates for providing me with a table I can't afford to walk away from at a time I can't stand to see another pair of hole cards. Haven't played a hand since. Taking a few days off - won't be able to play much on the road so I figure I'd better wean myself of the habit. When I get back I'll be able to load my spankin' new PC full of PokerTracker gewgaws and see if Party is all it's cracked up to be, not to mention begin bonus whoring in earnest, so a few days off while I finish up a couple of scripts and agonize over what to get my wife for Christmas seem like just the ticket.


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