Beating the rake

So I obviously haven't been blogging much, not that I ever did. A combination of pre-election anxiety, work projects that are getting me down, and a newfound obsession (poker, which is fortunately both fun and profitable) have kept me from inflicting my mealy words upon my readership, which I estimate at one. Or perhaps one-half (hi Kev!) The good news is I'll probably be posting more often now. The bad news is that this may come perilously close to turning into a poker blog which will be of interest to 0% of my readership. It's a day for hideously bad beats at the tables. In a stud game, a guy with a split pair of nines against my open pair of queens (plus one down) caught runner-runner-runner spades for a backdoor flush. And I sat down at a hold-em table and got dealt pocket aces twice in a row right off the bat; got beaten both times, once by a guy who called three bets cold with QTo and hit the flop for two pair, another by a guy who called FOUR bets cold with 35o and hit trips on the flop. Other hideous beats abounded, mostly at the stud tables. Every time I had a decent hand it turned out to be second-best; flushes losing to well-concealed boats, trips falling to backdoor inside straights, aces up (with an open pair of aces) losing to a guy who called all the way to the river with nothing but a split pair of twos. Yeah, I made everybody pay through the nose for their draws, but that doesn't make losing to them any more exciting. I finally called it quits for the day when my jacks full (on 5th!) lost to a bet-capping maniac with nothing but concealed tens who caught runner-runner-runner aces to make aces full. (That last ace being the case ace, an ace (and a ten) having been folded back on third.) I don't believe in signs from above but sometimes things are just Not Going Your Way. Even with the horrendous day I'm still up over a grand since I started playing, which was a little over a month ago; trying to boost up my bankroll so I can start tackling bigger games without sweating the swings so much.


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