Don't Got What I Can't Get

Stopped at a local outdoor mall/market today to pick up a few things for a trip out of town. This particular agglomeration of stores and carts has a very well-designed ramp - at the entrance there's a sign indicating the number of spots available on each level. I got off at the first non-valet level (97 spots remaining) and immediately regretted not going up another level (346 spots remaining); the 97 spots on level 2 appeared to be mostly behind a might-as-well-have-been-velvet rope marked "valet only". Somehow I lucked into a prime spot. I was listening to something on the radio and hence didn't bail out of the car right away. Eventually I noticed that the same cars were going round & round the level - oh, hell. Some notes on the design of this particular ramp are relevant here. It's a pretty well-designed ramp - flow of traffic is obvious, at no point are you forced into either going up a level or taking an exit ramp, and each level is separated by flow into roughly 3 segments (which are close to the pedestrian mall entrance, pretty close to the pedestrian mall entrance, and a little hike from the pedestrian mall entrance, respectively, though some spaces in the second section are just as close to the entrance as those in the first section). I was in the first section - a prime spot, like I said. Most of my section was blocked off for valet. The point of this discourse is that several cars were circling the same two lanes looking for a prime spot like mine. Several of them. Meanwhile, in the not-quite-prime section, I could see spots for the taking, and what's more, if those cars had gone up one level they'd have easily been able to score a spot as good as mine. But no, they were just circling, hoping for one (well, three, actually) of the cars parked in a prime spot to be driven away. Based on the time I sat there, they were circling for almost five minutes. Time required to go up one level: maybe a minute. Extra time spent on escalator: fifteen seconds. I don't get it. I was surprised not to see them still circling when I came back to the car - at which point I had to wave off two different cars ready to pounce on my spot, because I hadn't made all my stops yet. On the drive home I followed a gleaming silver Hummer H2 monstrosity for a while. There was one sticker on the back window, and it said "FUCK BUSH." I didn't know what to make of that either.


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